Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#86 Exterior Insulation Finish System Instalation

Description: Seen above is a construction worker putting the finishing touches on the Exterior Insulating Finish System (EIFS) of a building.  EIFS are composed of insulation panels that are connected to the building via mechanical fasteners or adhesive.  These panels are then covered with synthetic coatings to provide both a visually appealing and weather proof finish. Many times EIFS is confused with stucco, however, technically they are different materials.


  1. So what's the advantage to gluing the insulation on the outside of the structure vs. putting it inside the walls?

  2. I believe the idea is to leave the walls open to have more access for MEP components such as electrical wiring. The walls can actually be thinner as well. I'm not totally confident though, I haven't worked directly with this material myself. Does anyone from the community know the advantage to putting insulation on the outside of the walls?