Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#3 Foundation Excavation

Description:  So what is that guy doing so close to that excavator?  He is measuring how deep the hole is to make sure the foundation is built to the proper dimensions called out in the plans.  When digging a hole for a foundation it is crucial that the footings, piles, and foundation walls are built to the proper size.  By using a pole with a sensor on it, the worker is able to guide the excavator operator to dig the exact depth needed.  Typically the pole will have a sensor on it that picks up a laser beam being emitted at the proper height. The sensor beeps when it is level with the laser and thus the bottom of the pole is at the proper depth of excavation.  This method of hole depth measuring allows rough digging of the foundation to be done with machines. Workers can then finish the hole by hand to the more exact dimensions needed for the future building.